Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Linkovitch Chamofsky

I draw attention to the classic character of the frozen "Cro-Magnon Man"-turned-Estonian exchange student to mention that I've decided to expand on the "Links" section of this page -- I guess you could say I was, missing links (hehehe... shut up). Anyways, conveniently located to your right are the websites I frequent the most; they inspire me, yet at the same time prevent me from being productive. So, for all of you out there that want to be like me -- start from the top.

And coming soon, an IUTHAS exclusive: an interview with the RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan! By "interview", I mean to say that I won't be asking any questions, and by "exclusive", I mean to say that that I'll be joined by about a couple hundred other people, most of whom I won't know. To add to this exclusivity, I'll mention that it's taking place March 2nd @ 7 pm in Corwin Pavilion, and since the fliers don't say "sold out" yet, I'll assume tickets are still available.

'Til then, see you next time... weezin' the ju-uice.