Tuesday, May 08, 2007

NEW 50 CENT! (which sounds exactly like old 50 Cent)

In anticipation of his upcoming album Curtis (due out later this year), 50 Cent has begun releasing songs to the public, the latest of which, "Amusement Park", sounds like the first extra-radio-and-club-friendly track of the bunch. It also follows in line with previous tracks of 50's like "Magic Stick" and "Candy Shop", in that it takes a concept largely popular amongst children (magic, candy, roller coasters) and smothers it in sexual innuendo. I don't know how the masses feel about this, but for me, this angle is not only running out of steam (the song is pretty lame), but it's also a little disturbing.

Perhaps this is all preparation for 50's next feature film, Get Rich Or Die Trying To Make Hit Records Based On Jokes You Made In Middle School. Here's a sample of what the soundtrack has to offer:

"Animal Sounds Farm"

My dog is barkin' like 'ROAW! ROAW! ROAW!'/
Your kitty cat is sayin' 'Meow! Meow! Meow!'/
The chicken goes 'Cluck!'/
The cow goes 'Moo!'/
And when I hit the right spot she goes 'Ooooh!'

"Happy Meal"

Open your mouth, and eat this French Fry/
And I'll open your box, and find the toy inside/
You can drink my milkshake, and when it's all done wit'/
You can play all night in my ball pit

"Vending Machine"

Press the buttons, girl, and take your pick/
You want something to suck? Or something to lick?/
When it's my turn to choose, I don't need to spend a dime/
I just put my hand up the slot, and grab what I find