Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Roll Call

Okay, okay, everybody quiet down. Please be seated. Now... damn it, Zach, put the fucking phone down! Now, where was I. Ah yes...

Basically, now that college is over and close friends no longer live mere minute-long walks away, I have no way of knowing who's still reading this. I disabled the "Comments" section because I typically prefer to keep it a mystery, and I plan to keep it that way, but for right now, I'm curious to get at least a head count of how many people care whether or not I keep this thing going. So here's how you can help me:

I'm enabling the "Comments" section for the next week, and I won't be posting anything else for that time so that this post will stay on top. I'd like it if everyone who is reading this can leave a comment here. I have it set so that you don't need to actually have an account on Blogger to leave a comment, so all you need to do is create a name (or just leave it anonymous) and say whatever you'd like. It doesn't matter what you say -- something you like about this blog, something you don't like, just press Space Bar and leave it blank, you could even insult me! It's not like there aren't options to choose from -- I'm Jewish and am trying to become a lawyer, you could do plenty with that. I'm a bit overweight. Shit, have you seen the size of my feet lately? Size 15s aren't normal!

Furthermore, I don't care if you choose to leave your real name or not, so no one even has to know that you've wasted precious time of your life here that you'll never get back. Of course, if you'd like to leave a subtle hint that'll help me identify you, that's cool too. And since you could create a different name every time, you could leave as many comments as you'd like under different aliases... though I'm not encouraging that.

I have a number in my head, which I'm not going to say, that I'd like to see the "Comments" section reach, and if it doesn't reach that, then this blog won't be getting updated all that often in the future. Since it doesn't cost me any money to keep it active (there's that Jewish thing again), I'll leave it as is to give y'all the option of, say, on a rainy day or something, reading through the archives and remembering the humor that you could've still had! But seriously, here's hoping that all is going well with all of y'all, that those of you who have graduated are making the most of this limbo-like state that is post-college life, and that those who haven't yet graduated can't fall asleep in anticipation.