Friday, December 02, 2005

Well, that didn't take long

Seems just as quickly as I made this drastic change in my life, someone's come out the woodwork with disappointment in me. I won't name names, 'cause that's not what I do.

But I will reiterate what this person told me -- that it felt "different," and that "every idiot with a keyboard has a blog." Well, last I checked, I'm an idiot with a keyboard. So what's the big deal?

Let me coin a phrase that applies to this situation -- I'll call it "iPod syndrome." When the iPod first came out, I was against it. Wasn't for me. I can deal with the inconvenience of not having every single song I might want to hear at any given moment right at fingertips. When mad people started buying them, and subsequently not paying attention to oncoming traffic because of them, my hatred grew. Then I began to notice how many people around me had them, I saw their greatness firsthand, and I started to realize, "Hey, these aren't that bad. Matter of fact, I'm gonna buy one." So I did, and I was happy. The times, they were a changin', and I wasn't Ron Burgundy (no matter how much I tried).

But I too made a vow with myself to not become one of those people who wanders through life aimlessly with their head down scrolling through songs, and so far I've held strongly to that. In the same vein, I'm not gonna let this blog become some self-important, read-what-I-did-today-down-to-every-boring-detail snoozefest. If I do, punch me the face. I'll probably have already done it myself a few times by the time you get to me.

In conclusion, friend, it's pointless to be scared of changes, they're only here to help (most of the time, at least). Progress is natural. It's science.