Friday, October 20, 2006

Who's more gassed about their own mediocre music?

Kevin Federline...

... or Jim Jones?

Watching them both sing and dance (well, as much as one can dance while seated) along to their respective songs, "Popozao!" (you don't really pronounce it right without the exclamation point) and "We Fly High" (BALLLIIIIIIIN!!), it's too tough to make that call, so y'all decide for yourselves. A few factors worth noting, though -- while Jones is visibly weeded and probably that much more excited as a result, Federline's drug of choice (I'm sure there is one) is unknown. Furthermore, Jones has reason to be so hyped up, considering that his song is actually getting some airplay on radio and TV with his album due out next month, whereas "Popozao!" has yet to be played anywhere outside of a recording studio.