Thursday, January 11, 2007

Vilen and I discuss the latest in the world of sports...

x VILEN x: index.html?cnn=yes
Aristacrat: has major league soccer even grossed $250 million since its inception?
x VILEN x: we have a soccer league?
x VILEN x: if this is true though, this is gonna be huge for them
x VILEN x: its the only name in soccer i know
Aristacrat: no we don't, beckham got $250 million to play soccer with some rich dude's kids in a backyard
x VILEN x: and of course half of team brazil
Aristacrat: remember kobe jones?

x VILEN x: oh yea
Aristacrat: tab ramos, he did some snickers commercials
x VILEN x: does he still play
Aristacrat: tony meola had a video game for super nintendo

x VILEN x: never heard of tab, unless ur talkin about that delicious drink
Aristacrat: none of these guys play anymore though, so i guess its kind of a moot point
x VILEN x: moooooooot
Aristacrat: and yes, tab is delicious
Aristacrat: i guess that's the only conclusion we can come to in a discussion of soccer -- that Tab is delicious
x VILEN x: bingo