Tuesday, January 30, 2007

You can represent Gary Day, but you can't stop his party

So, one of the attorneys I work for got a voicemail today from a musician -- or at least, from a guy who is trying to be a musician -- named Gary Day (not to be confused with thee Gary Day, who was a bassist for Morrissey, and who I had no idea even existed until I looked up his name). Mr. Day is seeking representation for what he very confidently, as seen in his website, believes is his budding music career.

This brought to my mind a potential conflict of interest in the lawyering profession, specifically in the field of entertainment -- would someone choose to legally represent an artist (in this case, a musician) even if they didn't like the artist's work themselves? I posed this question to my boss, but before he could respond, he allowed a snippet of Mr. Day's potentially earth-shattering music -- a song titled "You Can't Stop My Party" -- to blare from his speakers. I immediately knew the answer to my query before he had to respond.

No. No way. And especially not Gary Day.

On the "Info" section of Mr. Day's site, he quotes himself saying that he has "these songs inside of me", and that he needs "to get them out". Hmmm... sounds a lot like a bowel movement to me. I feel bad knocking another man's work, especially when I myself have accomplished so little, but seriously -- if you want to hear what is possibly the worst singing in history, listen to "You Can't Stop My Party". And if you would like to see the equivalent of his music in picture form, head over to the "Look" page, and witness Mr. Day in all his greatness -- the sideburns, the crocodile-skin shirt, the Jesus piece entangled in his chest hair, and most importantly, the camping tarp that serves as the background to his performance photos.

Come to think of it, this dude looks kind of familiar... Gary Day, GET OUT OF MY HEAD!