Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Rest of My Life

[... dating back just a little bit.]

December 2006: Apply to 4 Southern California-area law schools, 2 of which are nationally-recognized, and the other 2 of which are more along the lines of the locally-prominent-but-that's-cool-because-I-don't-plan-to-leave-
L.A.-anytime-soon variety.

January 2007: Wait.

February 2007: Get accepted to the 2 locally-prominent schools.

March 2007: Contact the 2 nationally-recognized schools to see what's taking them so long. Get the same response from both, which is that they're still in the decision-making process and I won't know until May.

April 2007: Commit to the better of the 2 locally-prominent schools. Pay $200 to that school to show said "commitment".

May 2007: Possibly get accepted to 1 of the nationally-recognized schools, in which case I ditch the locally-prominent school (so much for that "commitment"... and that $200, sadly). Or, don't get accepted to either of the nationally-recognized schools, and stick with the one which I gave $200 to.

August/September 2007: Begin law school.

The rest of 2007 - 201_: ?

After 201_: Profit

I learned from the underpants gnomes.