Saturday, December 03, 2005

Get to know... In my quest to come up with and find funny shit to post, I could probably steal 20 links from this site. It's difficult to say it for sure, since I am a sports fan, but I think that even people who aren't sports fans could appreciate this site. Here are a few noteworthy samples from their archive:

-- The ongoing Clinton Portis Thursday press conference costume ball

-- Tim Drunk-can in his pre-NBA days

-- Two more reasons why the Chicago Bulls are my favorite non-local team

And I ain't getting no cash for mentioning their site either, it's simply because I enjoy their product. What ever happened to plugging items just for that? While on the topic, shoutouts to the following: Gatorade (Orange + Tropical Fruit X-Factor might be better than Lemon-Lime + Strawberry. MIGHT BE. I can't stress that enough), Taco Bell, Adult Swim, the Wu-Tang Clan, NBA League Pass, marijuana, alcohol, and women.

... meanwhile, still searching for inspiration to study during Finals week.