Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Passion Of The Unit

Bare witness to the evolution of one Mason Betha: he's gone from Murda Mase, a Harlem-bred street MC largely unknown to the public eye (except on DMX's 1st album), to a Bad Boy shiny-suit-sporting human smiley-face alongside Puffy, to a rapper-turned-minister, to a minister-turned-rapper (remember "Welcome Back" with the singing kids and hop-scotch and rainbows -- who would've guessed that'd fail?), and now apparently he's gone back to his "hard" roots as a member of G-Unit. I still doubt he'll successfully pull it off without some criticism/skepticism from the general public, considering that this the same dude who preached from his Atlanta-based church that rap music was "the devil", now back on some "shoot 'em up" shit. But if he really plans on making this transition, he should ditch the whole religion angle, pretend it never existed, and maybe off of pure skill and songwriting he could reinvent himself yet again.

Hmmm... well, so much for that then. I'm not even religious, let alone Christian, and I'm offended. Good luck, Murda, and try to keep that chain clean, what with all the lashings you're receiving.