Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Back up in this bitch again

College is a span of time for learning, be it of the academic variety, one's alcohol limits, or other things important to one's view of life and plans for the future. Breaks from college provide learning of much less significance, but still worth noting. Here's what I got:

-- Dane Cook is a funny, funny, funny motherfucker. I knew about the first two "funny"'s before, but that last one just hit me recently. Adam Carolla (who just replaced Howard Stern on "free FM"), on the other hand, is the polar opposite -- having opinions about various topics is necessary to be a radio talk show host, but making those opinions interesting to listen to is necessary to be a good one.

-- Out of the whole Dungy family, someone took the ending to the Indianapolis Colts' perfect season just a bit harder than Tony. [Think that was harsh? The VERY NEXT DAY after the suicide, in a freestyle battle on Power 106, some dude delivered the line "you should quit and kill yourself like Tony Dungy's son". See, I'm not so bad.]

-- Munich was the best movie to come out this year. Batman Begins was 2nd, The 40-Year Old Virgin 3rd. Honorable mention to Cinderella Man and The Constant Gardener. War Of The Worlds was by far the weakest movie I had the displeasure of seeing, and the biggest waste of money since (... I could name any of many over-paid NBA players right now, and I will go with...) Brian Grant.

-- The good luck charm I've been for L.A. Kings home games (4-0 at Staples Center games I've attended) didn't exactly carry over for the Clippers. [More on that later.]

-- People who work at drive-thru's on New Year's Eve are generally unhappy.

And by the way, am I the only one who finds this (warning: long read) hauntingly believeable?