Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Oh, do I love irony

Thanks to the few of you who brought it to my attention that my blog wasn't working the other day (no one else's was either, by the way), and a big thanks to the one of you who chose to point out that the frequent inability to connect was the exact reason why I stopped using a subprofile in the first place. Like the Houston Texans, I just can't win. But, for future reference, telling me that my blog isn't connecting won't accomplish anything, because it's basically beyond my control. If you'd like more information why was down, you must consult their WEBMASTER!

Anyways, I return today with a revelation...

This is Akon -- hip-hop hit record assist man, perhaps one day in the same vein as Nate Dogg; soul survivor; thief of cars without registration; and, according to this picture, gay cowboy

This is Ben Gordon -- Chicago Bulls' leading scorer; reigning 6th Man of the Year and runner-up for Rookie of the Year; a man who never met a shot he didn't like or a frozen pizza he couldn't cook; and, according to this picture, 10 feet tall

Separated at birth, perhaps? I report, you decide