Saturday, December 10, 2005

I'm not racist... I hate everybody

Apparently, pointing out the striking resemblance of Akon to Ben Gordon is synonomous with saying "all black people look the same," which is not what I meant at all. I'm not racist -- the title of the post says so. I don't think all black people look the same, just those two specifically. As far as white people go -- oh man, don't get me started! I can't recall a day I don't stop some dude, look him right in the eyes and ask, "Hey man, what's holding up that mirror in front of your face?"

To quickly change topics, for those of you who can't decide which method to use to overdose on caffeine, Coca-Cola will be mixing their signature, "not as good as Pepsi but has some sentimental value to it or some shit" beverage with coffee extracts, for a new drink to be released next year. It'll be called "Coca-Cola Blak"-- I guess the missing "c" should help it appeal to the young crowd. Probably more so than my idea for a name: Coca-Cola BLEGH.

Personally speaking, the fine folks at Rock-Star have helped me remain wired for finals week, which is finally over. The six tall cans of it that I drank in the last 8-9 days likely aren't good for my health [I once overheard a guy who steadily drank 4 energy drinks a day randomly broke out into rashes one day], but somehow, it tastes like how you'd expect something bad for you to taste. Shit, each sip felt like a minute being taken off of my life span, almost like if cigarettes came in liquid form. Plus, they go great with a steady diet of noodles (both ramen and spaghetti), Taco Bell, chips, and assorted candies, both hard and soft. As is typical with finishing finals week, I feel desperately in need of a lifestyle change.

But first... I must drink.