Monday, January 23, 2006

What's his name, Wilt?

Yeah, that's the dude. 81 points later, this season's Toronto Raptors squad has something to be remembered for, besides employing the only NBA player without eyebrows. Can't wait to hear the haters call Kobe out for ball-hogging and selfishly taking every shot in the last 5-6 minutes as a means of padding his stats for his memorable night; they were likely the same ones who thought he was a prima donna for taking himself out of the game against Dallas, where he dropped 62 (his previous career high) in 3 quarters of play. If the Lakers make the playoffs, at least as a 6th seed, then Kobe's the MVP -- hands down. Now if only there were some way to keep him from taking such awkward game photos...

Damn, Sasha, what'd you slip in Kobe's Gatorade? Jannero's not going to be happy.